Optika Print

Optika Print is a PVC coated, flame retardant mesh, printable on 1 side by digital printing using solvent or UV inks.

Optika Print has good mechanical strength and excellent dimensional stability, making it perfectly suitable for outdoor use such as for wall coverings, scaffolding covers and advertising displays, as well as for interior use for the design of stands, window display backgrounds or hanging ceiling structures.

Excellent colour rendering Very good dimensional stability
Excellent mechanical strength Flame retardant fabric

Scaffolding cover Printed hanging ceiling structure
Facade covering Window display backgrounds

Width* 3.20m
Length 50lm roll
Weight 300g/m²
Solid fabric Polyester grille / PVC coating
Flame retardant M1
Air permeability (DIN EN ISO 9237) 660dm3 /m²/s  (23%)
Assembly welded
Printability Solvent / UV inks - printable on 1 side
*Product may be slit to order

Data sheet M1